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Company History

Launched in 2006 with the idea of providing a Total Solution for Talent Acquisition, The Job Board Network, Inc. continues to adapt to the hiring needs of industry Employers.

Today, we have folded our anchor Job Boards: Fire & Security Jobs and Construction Equipment Jobs, into a unified platform, now operating as GCJobs.com, we continue to work across the entirety of the Architectural, Engineering, Building Products and Construction trades, leveraging the latest in technology with our unmatched reach across all Source of Hire channels.

Through our Search division, Construction Talent Group, we have grown into the industry’s leader in Talent Acquisition services



Why Us

Attracting, hiring and retaining the right top talent is one of the most challenging aspects of running an AEC firm in today's market.

GCJobs.com is your single source for Talent Acquisition services, reaching across all major Source of Hire channels.

We have: AEC Industry Expertise | Significant Historic Success | Proven Process


Why Us

Whether you are actively searching for the most up to date Construction Jobs, or passively keeping your eye out for that rare, perfect opportunity, GCJobs.com will keep you informed of market and hiring trends allowing you to be prepared to for your next role.

It's about the hire!
And we know our role...


Understanding the Talent demographic and where they are within their respective careers is crucial.

At any given time, approximately 20% of your industry’s talent pool, regardless of title, are considered “Active” Job Seekers. This population thrives "online" with 89% of them using multiple sources spending a majority of time searching for new Job Postings.

We can help you utilize your Postings to properly carry your company's Brand, and message, while positioning your firm to capture the best in Active Talent.

Typically, 60% of your industry’s Talent pool are “Passively” looking. This segment of the Talent population is currently actively employed, however will engage with Agency Recruiters to strategically approach new opportunities.

Combined with our Job Postings portal, www.GCJobs.com, the Construction Talent Group, reaches an unmatched level of industry talent.

Talent Pool


We engage with industry Talent intelligently. Actual Intelligence, not artificial. We qualify beyond the written Resume. Whether Sourcing or providing Full-Cycle search services, we take the deep dive toward discovering the necessary details you require prior to, during and throughout your hiring process.

Traditional Sources of Hire

GCJobs.com is purposely positioned, and the only AEC industry related Talent Acquisition services firm to reach across all major channels of the Traditional Sources of Hire.

Traditional Sources